Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools

The Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools (revised 2007) are designed to maximize students’ access to healthier options and fully eliminate the sale of unhealthy foods and beverages in BC schools, effective September 2008. Developed by a team of BC Community Nutritionists, the revised Guidelines align with the most current Canada’s Food Guide (2007) and distinguish food and beverage options into four categories: Choose Most, Choose Sometimes, Choose Least and Not Recommended.
The revised Guidelines require all schools to eliminate the sale of foods and beverages meeting the Choose Least and Not Recommended categories.

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Brand Name Food List for BC

Mavalicious KidsEat!™ meals have been analyzed by a certified nutritionist and entered into the Dieticians of Canada’s analysis system. This means that we are one of the few children’s caterers that can be listed on the Brand Name Food List of approved foods. We are very proud!

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