“You, your food, your company are healthy, reliable, efficient and helpful – yay!”

-Sharon, West Bay Elementary

“The chili was awesome and the mini-donuts were like a little slice of heaven!”

-Student, Hall’s Prairie Elementary

“They were awesome! The children all raved about them and the donuts were even better! You have our vote!!”

-Allison Davison, Tyson Elementary (when asked how her school enjoyed their sliders and hot dogs!)

“Kidseat is an amazing service. I will always remember the first day I received their product. It was awesome to see all the food in beautiful coolers organized in divisions. I now have lots of help with my hot lunch due to the ease of the process. The staff have been great and helpful on every corner that I have encounter. Thank you KidsEat!”

-Suzanne Aujla
Newton Elementary

“It went great! Your service is a life saver. I will definitely use you guys again next year on a regular basis! Thanks again!”

-Tara Schmidt, John Maclure Elementary

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